Our Annual Membership Program is our way of making massage therapy more affordable for clients and families that use our services on a more frequent basis. An annual fee of $100 gives your entire household access to our steeply discounted membership rates for a full year.

Annual Members save $20 on every treatment they receive, which can really add up over the course of a year!

No Credit Cards

You never have to give us your credit card information and quite frankly we never want the responsibility of storing it or chasing down un-billable cards

Save Money

Members save $20 on every single Massage treatment they receive. If your family plans on coming 5 times in a year, the membership pays for itself.

Household Membership

Your entire household benefits from the membership and gets access to our discounted rates.

Zero Obligations

No monthly obligations or minimum number of appointments to meet. Cancel any time for any reason.

Terms and Conditions